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If your commercial property has been damaged by an event covered under your insurance policy we can help you get a good settlement from your insurance company.  If your property has been damaged, it doesn't matter whether you have already filed an insurance claim or are looking to file a new claim.  Even if  you have been denied by your insurance company, we can help.  Just give us a call. 



 We specialize in helping property owners with their insurance claims.  Big or small, if you have been damaged by an event covered under your policy and you feel the insurance company has treated you unfairly, we can help.  Or, if your property has been damaged and you want to file a new claim, we can help you with your claim and get you a proper settlement from your insurance company.


Why use a Public Adjuster?


Would you do your own back surgery?  Would you play a baseball game with no umpires?  Would you step into a courtroom and try to defend yourself with no legal background or credentials and just hope for a good outcome?  Of course not.  When it comes to the insurance claims process, leave it to the professionals.  Bottom line:  you need representation.  You need an advocate.  When a storm occurs, most people pick up the phone and call their insurance agent to file a claim for any kind of damages that may have occurred.  Then, the insurance company sends out an employee or an independent contractor to assess the damages and formulate a determination.  That employee will work out the balance based on the insurance company’s interests, and hopefully yours.  You want this balance to be fair and just.  How do you know that the determination is fair? How do you know if you have been adequately compensated for the damages?  What if they missed or overlooked critical components?  They work for the insurance companies, so they are inclined to pay as little as they can get away with.  Having a public adjuster involved takes the worry and guesswork out of it.  In short, policy holders have a right, and an obligation to have someone on their side.  Don’t be taken advantage of.  Don’t be unfairly underpaid or denied compensation for the damages to your home or business.  Let us help.


"Paragon Services was an absolute Godsend for myself and the people of Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church.  Matthew Stanford, one of the owners of Paragon, got us over $140,000 to get a new roof put on our Church.  Without his involvement, the insurance company would not have taken care of us, as their first offer was $0.  I highly recommend Paragon Services for your commercial needs"

Curtis Turner

Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church

Pueblo, CO

"Matt, we appreciated your great work in resolving the issues in getting our home repaired.  Your attention to these matters was a refreshing change to what we were dealing with before we called you!

Sincerely grateful,"

Tom and Leslie Curley

Pueblo, CO

Settlement Amount: $44,000

"I was unsuccessful in dealing with my insurance company over hail damage on a house I had inherited.  They were offering only a fraction of what they owed me.  I was introduced to Matt Stanford, a public adjuster with Paragon Services.  Matt was very professional, prompt with updates, and was able to get me almost 5 times the amount I could have gotten alone.  I would certainly use his services again if need be and HIGHLY recommend his company."

Marianne Emig

Colorado Springs, CO

Settlement Amount: $18,000


Matthew Stanford

P.O. Box 50824

Colorado Springs, CO 80949

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Damon Devine

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